Our perception of Underberg School in the future is one of being a core or a hub -- a base to work from. The environment around us must be used in a number of settings. Children must be able to visit places outside the school and gain first hand knowledge of the world around them.

We see learning as a co-operative partnership between school and parents, outside agencies, business, industry and agriculture. People in the various disciplines can be approached to assist with certain aspects of the curriculum. The emphasis is on making education real and not something learnt only from books.

Becoming more client orientated is our goal. Our immediate Community is our consumer. We shall endeavour to become "close to the customer". The school "belongs" to the Community and we must listen to what it wants. We can become client orientated only if consumer ownership is built through active participation, i.e. parents and others interested in Underberg School, become actively involved with it.

Environmental Education is a great feature of our School.


We intend to become increasingly competitive in the education market by:

             Offering more outside the classroom.
             Being more flexible.
             Satisfying consumer needs.
             Having greater collaboration with people outside the School.
             Experimenting with new ideas.

We believe in young children. 

We believe in offering them the best.

We believe that Underberg School, situated in the heart of the Southern Drakensberg, with its delightful children, extremely supportive parent body and wider Community and its dedicated staff, will progress from a good small School to a great small one.

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