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The SP Phase at Underberg School builds on the solid foundation laid down in the JP Phase.

Our aim is for the children leaving here at the end of Grade 7 to be confident, articulate, well mannered individuals, who have all the skills necessary to succeed at the high school of their choice.

Our main focus is on academic standards, with the emphasis placed on the core subjects of English, Maths and Science.

Reading is one of our priorities as we feel it is the cornerstone of all learning. We have recently introduced a unique SP Reading Programme where the children read novels in small groups. These novels range from tried and tested classics to the latest publications across all genres. In addition to this we have a well stocked library and knowledgeable staff who can pair a child with a suitable book. We want every child to experience the magic of books and become a lifelong reader.

We monitor our classes closely and if necessary we stream Grade 6 and 7 for Maths and English in order to provide extension or consolidation. We are fortunate, at Underberg School, to have teachers from our unique Mastery Unit available for consultation, should we have concerns regarding a child’s academic progress. In addition to this we have overseas students on a gap year with the Project Trust organisation who provide learner support for children requiring individual attention.
Recognising that our children are “digital natives” technology is playing an ever-increasing role in our teaching. Our first smartboards have been installed and are proving to be a great asset. We have a fully equipped computer room and a specialist computer teacher. Each child takes part in the international Mathletics programme. They spend up to 45minutes a week completing related tasks set by the teacher consolidating and extending the concepts covered in class. Once they have completed the tasks they are able to play live Mathletics against children from all over the world. Children are also able to sign on and play from home. The programme uses international maths language and exposes the children to a wide variety of mathematical approaches from around the world.
Every year the children have an opportunity to participate either in the national Speech and Drama Festival or a SP school production. We have a school choir and music and dance/ballet are offered by private tutors.