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Underberg Pre-Primary School, situated on Old Main Road across from Underberg School, was opened on 31 October 2008.  The Pre-Primary is part of Underberg School, although they have their own premises. Children from 2 years of age (provided they are potty trained), to Grade R are accepted.

Underberg School Pre-Primary strives to create an environment conducive to developing happy, secure, independent children who have positive self-esteems and good social skills. We set a solid foundation for your childís future learning.

Underberg Pre-Primary encourages learning, both indoors and outdoors, using a variety of materials and equipment to facilitate and develop the childís motor skills. 

We promote language enrichment through storytelling, role play, songs and rhymes. 

As the main feeder school to Underberg School, our children enjoy full use of the schoolís many facilities. The heated pool, school hall, library, athletics fields, and computers are used weekly.

This integration into the primary school makes the transition from Grade R to Grade 1 effortless. Our children enjoy swimming lessons, music with a music specialist and computer lessons. Our fully equipped playground allows children countless opportunities to explore and discover. Within small classes our dedicated teachers provide the children with incredible hands- on, learning experiences.
If your child is of pre-primary going age we would love to meet you!

Our Open Thursdays have proved very successful,  Both children and parents have the chance to become familiar with the routines of our school, and the children engage in art activities, puzzles, dress-up, climbing, sand play and anything else that takes their fancy!

Itís a painless, enjoyable way to ease the children into school life, while Dad or Mom are right there for back-up!

We invite you to bring your little ones who are only turning two this year to join us for these Open Thursdays and enjoy a fun morning with us.
Create an environment to develop happy, secure and independent children with positive self-esteem and good social skills.
Develop the physical, intellectual, emotional, social and spiritual well-being of every child.
To equip children with the skills they need to embrace the challenges of life and become creative, confident, divergent thinkers who have a sense of purpose.
Cater for the unique needs of every individual.
Employ nurturing, caring, innovative, competent, enthusiastic and dedicated staff.
Provide education in a vibrant, multicultural learning environment which fosters co-operation and understanding among the members of our diverse school community.
Encourage parental involvement and open relationships between teachers and parents.
Be accountable to all stakeholders, including pupils, educators and parents and encourage accountability by all stakeholders to our school and society.
Our aim is to :
Spectators at the annual Pre-Primary swimming gala