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1. Objective

To function as an education support centre for Underberg School and the districts of Underberg and Himeville, providing the services of:
2. History

The need for a unit of this nature has been evident for many years as no support services exist in education in our district.

At Underberg School we experienced more and more rural families wanting to send their children to this school because they wanted to give their children the best opportunities in education. 

The enormous range in experiences as well as ranges in levels of functioning and various points of reference of our learners led us to realise that if we were to be effective in education we needed to seek a solution to our unique challenge of education in a rural community. (We wanted to take responsibility to creatively provide the best learning opportunities for every child in our care. We are the custodians of education in our district).

We knew it couldn’t happen in one classroom with one teacher.

We visited schools, community centres, remedial units, sought advice from those with great experience in education, brain stormed with members of the community. We then visited Wendy Moorcroft at Hillcrest Remedial School and explained our vision to her and our concerns regarding finances. Her advice to us was to take a leap of faith and “Just do it!” Wendy then gave us the contact details of the Wessels Trust and she supported our proposal and application to them. 

3. Opening our doors

Thanks to the Wessels Trust, the Mastery Unit opened its doors, in the converted dormitories and ironing room, to 40 learners from GR 1 -4 in April 2011 providing support teaching focusing on bridging within the grades.

20 learners from Grade 5-7 received support with either Maths or English once a week.

This was certainly a pilot project and there were creases to iron out. After the first year we realised that we should include Gr R rather than grade 4 as the best years for intervention are before 10yrs of age. However the challenge arose as the school was requesting Mastery support throughout the grades. We did not have enough manpower to roll out the project in such a way. We then decided that it would be solely a 4 year intensive programme including Gr R - Gr 3.

Due to the huge support of the Wessels Trust we now fund ourselves with a state-of-the-art facility, inspired teachers and an opportunity to create significant educational change.

Please come and visit us !

Please contact the school for any further information.
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