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Underberg School's Foundation Phase comprises of four highly dedicated and motivated teachers.

Each child is encouraged to be confident and reach their individual potential through individualised attention, within a stimulating environment. The teachers aim to create happy and vibrant classrooms where focused learning can take place. English and Mathematics are taught by the class teacher in small groups, as some children are taken out by the Mastery Unit to complete these learning areas. This allows for consolidation and extension of the concepts being taught.  Emphasis is placed on reading and we aim to foster a love of reading and books. We are proud of the Reading Scheme used within the Foundation Phase, with it having had a recent update. Life Skills is theme based and interactive and aimed at being meaningful to the children.

The childrenís learning programme also includes Afrikaans, IsiZulu, Music, Bible Education, Library and IT
The children within the Foundation Phase have the privilege of working with two fantastic computer programmes during IT. Reading Eggs is done from Grade 1 to 3 and the Grade 2s and 3s also do Mathletics.

The Foundation Phase alternates annually between participating in Speech and Drama and putting on a play production. The Foundation Phase has a small choir which is headed up by the very musical Mrs Claire Marx.
Excursions are undertaken each term and relate primarily to the Life Skills themes being covered in each Grade. The Foundation Phase is where the preparation for future challenging peak hikes starts, with the Grade 1's tackling Hlogoma, the Grade 2s Sangwana and the Grades conquering the first day of the Giantís Cup Trail.

Sport is an important part of the Foundation Phase. All children participate in at least two practises a week. The sport offered includes: Swimming, Mini Cricket, Hockey, Mini Soccer and Cross Country. It is the schools aim to have all children participate in at least one match per term.

At Underberg School we encourage the parents and grandparents to become meaningfully involved with their child's / grandchild's journey through Underberg School.