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In order to celebrate our unique and beautiful environment we undertake a comprehensive, graded hiking programme. By the time the children reach the SP phase they have climbed Sangwana and Hlogoma Mountains which flank the entrance to our village. In Grade 3 pupils hike the first day of the world renowned Giantís Cup Trail, beginning on Sani Pass. The second and third days of the Trail are completed in Grade 4 and the final two days In Grade 5 ending at Bushmansnek.
In Grade 6 our pupils summit the mighty Rhino Peak, reaching an incredible height of 3056m. The hike takes place over 3 days and the children sleep in Pillar Cave on the way up and again coming down. Hodgsons Peak, on the Giants Cup, is our Grade 7 challenge with the children spending a night in Spectacle or Pholela Cave on their journey up to the 3256m peak.

We delight in the personal growth evident in every child on completion of each challenging hike. They plan and pack their meals and gear for these outings and learn about orienteering, river crossings, emergency signalling and countless other personal and mountaineering skills. Discussion takes place around geology, rivers, erosion, climate and weather, international boundaries/borders and San culture in the most beautiful natural classroom imaginable.